Friday, June 29, 2012

What an Adventure!

Welcome to Adventures of  a Trucker's Wife! I'm so glad you came to hear all my stories about what being a truckers wife is all about. I don't know if ALL truckers wives are like this(Trust me, I'm not the only one. I've seen tons since I've been out) but these stories are unique to me. :)

So much has happened that I don't even know where to start. But I guess the beginning would be a good idea yeah?  Let me start by telling you what exactly my husband does so there is no confusion.  My husband Charlie drives for Werner Enterprises. You know who they are, the big blue trucks with WERNER written in Yellow. Thats him.  Now Werner delivers any and all kind of loads, but my Charlie specifically is leased to the Family Dollar account, meaning he delivers loads to Family Dollars. His account is a Western Dedicated which means he only delivers to the western states, mainly Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, occasionally Idaho and California.  He had to go through 6 weeks of training with another truck driver. As most of you know that was super hard for me. But I was super glad when he was done and I could have him to myself. ;) Werner has a system where for every week you are out, you get 1 day home. So I decided that that wasn't much, so I was going to go with him so that we could stay out longer and make more money and still be together.  This initial trip was a sort of trial run to see how I liked it. Please keep reading to find out how it's turned out. :)

We left on June 19th and it's been a rollercoaster ride since.  I was excited/nervous to leave.  I mean, being gone from home for 2 weeks isn't that long, but I had worries. Would I like it? Would I get sick?(I tend to get motion sickness) What was going to happen to the house/yard?  Where would we shower? Is the bed big enough? Would I get bored?  So many questions, but the only way to get those answers was to just do it. Luckily I have awesome family who is making sure the house is ok. As for all the other questions, the answers to them have come.

My first day out was quite fun. I actually really enjoy riding in the truck with Charlie. I guess you could say Charlie and I are still newlyweds(March 18th, 2011) so I still love spending time with him. We've been talking and telling stories. We've been listening to a book on tape my Parents sent him(Fire of the Covenant; I highly recommend it)  As for all of you questioning the state of my truck sickness??? There has been absolutely NONE!  I know! I was as suprised as you!  But when I take a ginger, I am totally fine. It was a big worry of mine, but I'm so happy that I haven't experienced it. 

Still wanna complain how much YOUR gas is?
I've also come to learn that being a male trucker is easier than being a female trucker. Say you're going down the road in the middle of nowhere and nature calls.  Lets just say it's easier for a male trucker to answer nature than for a woman. ;)  Also, truck stops are like a little world unto itself.  Many of them have showers and full service restaurants in addition to regular gas station items.  Now filling a truck up with gas is different than a car(Obviously) You just have to wait in line and instead of a gas pump on one side they are on both, because Semi-Trucks(called Tractors) have gas tanks on both sides.  NOw filling up with gas is expensive! 

Now I have to say that I'm not too fond of washing up in a gas station bathroom, but I'm doing ok with it. I still look cute in the morning. ;)  As for the bed being too small, we're doing ok with that as well. We are ok with sleeping right next to eachother. Like I said,We're still in the newlywed phase.:)
My Charlie is a good driver and I'm suprised by what trucks can do. Just turning right is an event. Sometimes I get nervous that he is going to hit a car, but he never does. He backs up into the tightest spots that I have no idea how he even did it!

With all the bumps in the road and living on the road there are many good things about being a truckers wife. 
* I get to be with my husband :)
* I get to go to places I've never been
*I get to experience something most people won't ever get to
*also the view from the road doesn't look too bad ;)


  1. Cute blog Jess! I was wondering if you got motion sickness in the truck. Here's a solution for the peeing on the side of the road thing. I've never used one (and I'm not sure I want too) but it's pretty smart (and a little weird).

  2. Wow! I'm so happy for you!
    That long wait was so worth all this! You both are amazing and fun loving. You take care and I will keep living vicariously through you until I can do some fun adventures...after my masters.
    Hugs and love to you and Charlie. :)
    ~Christine, Kels & Bear

  3. I made a vow when I was first married to do everything I could to stay in that newly wed phase. It's the best place to be. Now five years later I can tell you it only gets better as long as your still talking and still spending time together. Plus if you sleep next to each other for long enough it's sort of like you fit together that way somehow.
    I am so glad you get to spend this time with your hubby. It will only strenghthen your relationship. Have fun! I look forward to reading your updates!

  4. Yay I am soooo glad you decided to get your blog back up! I love your stories. You guys are so cute! Please keep posting, I love it!