Friday, July 6, 2012

A Change...

So after considerable thought and prayers, My husband Charlie and I have decided to resign from Werner Enterprises. There was just too much stuff that was always going wrong. He wasn't making any money.  If you read my past post you know the kind of crap that we have been dealing with. Charlie put out applications and we decided to go with Knight Transportation. We researched and it is the best choice for our family.   So on the 3rd of July, we came home and told Werner that Charlie was resigning. Although Charlie was mad, I made him resign professionally. I told him that if it was done in anger and a "screw you" manner, there would be consequences later on.  SO we wrote down all the reasons for quitting and I made sure he was calm when he called.  It went well, although they weren't happy and were annoyed, they couldn't really do anything. And apparently, this type of thing happens to them a lot.  Drivers are done with Werner and just leave their truck somewhere and tell Werner, I'm done, you need to come pick up your truck. You'd think that would say something to Werner, but nope, they just keep doing what their doing.  But as the days go on I feel better and better about leaving Werner. I'm excited about the new prospect of Knight Transportation.  

We researched Knight before even saying yes so as to know what we we're getting into.  Everything about it is better than Werner.  Charlie will be driving all over the 48 states and he won't have to unload his trailers. Also, and I think this is the best news, He'll drive for 10 days and then get a week off! I'll get to see him so much more. :)   

Knight Transportation is based out of Albuquerque and El Paso. We have made the decision to move to Las Cruces sometime this year.  Las Cruces is about 45minute-1hour away from El Paso.  It is also an hour away from Deming.  Some of you might not know that my Aunt Shirley lives in Deming and that is also where I did my student teaching.  I really liked the school district in Deming and am hoping I can get a job there.  Also living in LAs Cruces, I can go to NMSU and start on my Masters. Also, Las Cruces is only about 6 hours from Farmington, so we can visit home whenever we need too!  In all aspects, moving to Las Cruces is a good decision for us. 

Not to mention that it will get us out of Farmington and let us be independent for a while.  I love my family and friends in Farmington ;)  But Charlie and I need to venture out on our own for a while. Be totally dependent on each other. Build that foundation for the rest of our lives.  I feel really good about this life changing decision and so does Charlie.  

But you can be sure I'll keep the rest of you updated on my Adventures of a being a Truckers Wife. ;)

If you would like to know more about Knight Transportation, read all about it here.

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