Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It never gets easy

I dropped my Charlie off on Sunday. :(  

Let me tell you, no matter how many times I have to say goodbye to my husband or how long he is gone, it NEVER gets any easier.  I still feel the same way I did when he left the first time.  The only difference now is that I know I can deal with it. I know what I need to do to get over it.  Stay busy and think about it as least as I can. :/  

I will tell you all about the adventure we had in getting Charlie where he needed to be. It is quite amusing NOW, not so much at the time.

As you know, Charlie left Werner and was starting with Knight Transportation on the 9th.  Knight is based out of El Paso so Charlie needed to get there.  Knight set him up with a bus ticket and a hotel reservation and have him the confirmation numbers to both.  He had to be in Gallup to catch a greyhound to El Paso on Sunday the 8th at 6:50.  So Sunday we pack him all up and head to Gallup. We were a little more than half way there when Charlie realizes that he left the paperwork with all the confirmation numbers on it at the house.  I tried to be optimistic and said, "Maybe they just need your name and they can look you up"  Well that wasn't the case.  We got to the bus station at 6:40 and the bus was already there.  The ticket people couldn't give Charlie a ticket without the confirmation number.  Charlie got on the phone to Knight but as it was a Sunday evening, he couldn't get a hold of anyone very fast.  By the time he was on the phone with a dispatcher, the bus was pulling out of the station.  To say the least, I was irritated with Charlie, but I was trying not to show it. I'm always telling him to make lists and check everything, but he rarely listens. :)  He was beyond mad at himself. I was upset, because all this meant that we had to drive to El Paso because he had to be there the next day for Orientation. This also meant that I would have to drive back and I was going to miss a family dinner that was the next evening. Charlie was on the phone with Knight and they told him that they would pay for the gas to and back from El Paso (This company is already LOADS better than Werner)  So we got in the car and made the best of it.  I told Charlie, "Well at least we get to spend more time together."  :)   Charlie also said,"Well now I know to start making lists"   I said, "and?"   "pack my bags better. "   "and?"   "Listen to you."   "There we go."   I love my husband.

So we drove and we got to talk and have fun.  We got into El Paso at about 2:30.  Checked into the hotel room and I was able to get at least 4 hours of sleep.  I woke up the next morning and said goodbye again to my love and was on the road.  Surprisingly I did not get tired on the road, my foot did get numb though because my car doesn't have cruise control.  But the trip wasn't that bad, I remember it from my college days at NMSU when I would come home for the weekend.  AND I was able to make it home in time for my family dinner. :)

So Charlie and I are still having adventures even though we're apart.  It doesn't make it any easier, but I guess we're learning to dance in the rain instead of waiting out the storm. :)

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