Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What do I do?

For those of you who are within talking distance, I usually get the question, "So what do you do when Charlie is gone?"   Well today I am going to tell you!

I always SAY that I'm going to clean the house and get things done. But does this ever happen? Maybe, once in a blue moon.  Usually I do a lot of this.....

Some of this....

But I've found a new thing that I love to do.  I have started watching cooking shows. I know it sounds so funny. Even though I'm thinking to myself, "I would never make or even eat that"  I just enjoy watching them cook.  These are my favorites...

Now how do I do this without Cable or Internet do you ask?  The same way I am writing this blog.  I go to out public library!

I've always loved the library, but since Charlie has been gone, I go there so much more often.  I go to use the Internet for free. When I am done I go and peruse the aisles for new books I can envelope my self in. I go get a stack of magazines and sit at a table by a window and indulge in Hollywood gossip. I go through the Cd's to see what new music I can listen too. I've also found that the DVDs they have are pretty awesome.  They have so much variety.  I've found tons of old movies to documentaries to my latest guilty pleasure of cooking shows! Love it!

So for those of you so curious as to how I spend my time,  I've given you a glimpse into the life of Jessica! A true Truckers wife!

P.S  Charlie is coming home tonight for a 2 day visit! Oh Happy day!

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  1. haha I totally get the whole "I tell people Im gonna get things done... but I never do" part. And I'm so glad you are finding things to ocupie your time.
    But I have a delema! I can't find the button to become a follower of you =(