Saturday, September 29, 2012

Super Fun Weekend

So this past weekend one of my dear friends Katie was getting married! Of course I had to go and participate in the wonderful celebration! But I told Charlie that I was NOT going to go to another wedding by myself. So we planned that his time off would be taken down in Deming so that we could go to the wedding together. I've been so excited for this weekend and have been planning everything from the outfits to what we were going to do.

So on Friday I head down for Deming. I've driven that road so many times that it doesn't seem that long till I'm there at my Aunts house. Now let me tell you that I love my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Rex. I lived with them for a year while I did my student teaching and finished up college. My Aunt Shirley is my Moms sister and reminds me so much of my Mom that it comforts me to see her. Charlie comes that night and it is so nice to see my Charlie again.(It's been 2 weeks and 4 days since I'd seen him) Saturday we sleep in and don't really do much. We go to Palmas(an Italian Restaurant in Deming) and then we go to the Deming Museum. After that we take a picture by the same wall I took my College Graduation pictures in 2009.

Then we went to the house where my grandmother used to live.  It still seems the same to me. I can still remember coming to visit and walking into that house.

After that it was time for the wedding! I was so excited because it was a Cowboy Cocktail. I'd planned out our outfits and now it was time to try them on! I even got to wear my new Turquoise necklace that Charlie surprised me with! (Picture of the necklace to come later)

We had so much fun at the wedding and it really was such a pretty ceremony. I also really liked the cowboy theme. We took alot of silly little pictures while waiting for dinner and Katie and Tyson to come into the reception. We are such hams!

Sunday was such a fun day. I truly like going to visit Deming because I have family there and people know me. Going to church is fun because I feel like I know everybody and those I don't know either they know me or my Aunt introduces me. The next day we go to Las Cruces and have lunch with my friend Diana whom I haven't seen in years! It was such a fun lunch and it was like we'd never been apart. Charlie really liked her as well.  The rest of the day we just piddled around and went shopping. I was happy when Charlie let me pick out some clothes for him. He looked really good. :)   We went back to Deming and went to dinner at my favorite Deming Restaurant, Si Senor(Not like the one they have in Farmington. This is unique to Deming) SUCH good Mexican food. Then we went and played Glow Golf. It was so much fun and Charlie I took some super fun pictures. :)

It was such a fun weekend. I was sad to go even though I knew I was gonna see Charlie in a day, but it was still hard. I love my Charlie and I always have so much fun with him! I'll have to tell you more about our trip later. ;)

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  1. SO cute! Love the free loving spirit you both have! Hugs Jess and Charlie! :)